NGV stands for 'Natural Gas For Vehicles', also known as Compressed natural gas (CNG), is an alternative fuel that is suitable for automotive use. NGV has been available for some time now but it has only recently started to become widely used.

It is equivalent to natural gas supplied to power stations, industries, commercial establishment and households. NGV is an environmentally friendly fuel and has been proven to be lighter than air. It is specially developed to provide economic value to users without compromising on quality.

Natural gas is a very simple fuel. Around 90% of natural gas is methane (CH4),which is just one carbon atom with four hydrogen atoms attached, with the remainder comprising of propane, butane and other components. Composition varies according to the source of the natural gas. Normally NGV are stored in CNG CYLINDER. (read more).

The advantages NGV can offer to vehicle owners include:
Substantial savings (50%) in fuel cost
Lower operating cost
Contributes to a cleaner environment
Extended travel range
Government Incentives & Legislations To Encourage Use of NGV

NGV in Malaysia

NGV is supported by the government with incentives and legislation to encourage vehicles owner to use NGV. NGV price is only
68 cent/litre equivalent of petrol, is cheaper than other fuels. NGV conversion kits are exempted from import duty and sales tax.
Reduction of road tax from existing levels:
Monogas vehicle (NGV only) - 50% off
Bi-fuel vehicle (Petrol & NGV) - 25% off
Dual-fuel vehicle (Diesel & NGV) - 25% off
All these are major factors for potential owners to consider when making their vehicle fuel choices. However, what many owners may not be aware of is the safety record of NGV vehicles. NGV vehicles safety record compares favourably to other traditional fuels or alternative fuels available today. This is due to the superior (and still improving) technology, higher safety standards and the physical properties of NGV itself which makes it as safe or safer to use than petroleum-based fuels.

Please check some of the comparison charts below to figure out how much you can save for fuel.
Fuel Expenses for 3,000 KM
Price(RM/Liter) RM 1.92 RM 0.68 RM 1.24
Costs of Fuel RM 567.00 RM 204.00 RM 372.00

12 Months RM 4,464
24 Months RM 8,928
36 Months RM 13,392

Some important differences about NGV and LPG systems
Natural gas should not be confused with liquid petroleum gas (LPG). NGV is stored at much higher pressures than LPG. New NGV systems are designed to store the gas at a pressure of 20MPa which is about 20 times greater than LPG and about 100 times the air pressure commonly used in passenger car tyres. NGV system components are specially designed to operate at this higher pressure. NGV systems must never be refuelled with LPG. NGV is lighter than air and in the case of leakage, the gas will dissipate into the atmosphere. Liquid petroleum gas (LPG) on the other hand is heavier than air and will stay near the ground or in pockets in the vehicle structure until it is carried away by air currents.
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